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Some traditional chinese and ayurvedic medicine substances like chan su, siberian ginseng, asian ginseng, ashwagandha or dashen can cause similar interference.

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I you want tsupplmnt with ashwagandha, look oot xtact powd in 450–500 mg capsuls and tak it onc twic p day.

Micoaay analysis vald that ashwagandha psss poinlammatoy gn xpssion, including IL-6, IL-1?, IL-8, Hsp70, and STAT-2, and inducs p38/MAPK xpssion in a postat canc cll lin (16) . Ashwagandha may inhibit tumgowth (1) (21) and incass cytotoxic T lymphocyt poduction (8) . In vitstudis hav shown that oot xtacts hav cytotoxic poptis against lung, colon, cntal nvous systm, and bast canc cll lins (6) . Withain A inducs activ oxygn spcis (OS) gnation and disuption mitochondial unction in a human lukmia cll lin, thby inducing apoptosis (18) . In stogn cpto-positiv (+) and ngativ (-) bast canc clls, withain A inducs apoptosis and dcasd tumsiz (19) . Apoptosis canc clls by withanon is mdiatd though p53 (7) . Withianon alsxts anticanc activity by binding tth TPX2-Auoa A Complx (29) . Oth studis show ashwagandha’s cytotoxicity is latd tits stuctu; it nhancs ATPas and inhibits succinat dhydognas activitis, impaiing oxidativ phosphoylation.

In animal studis, ashwagandha nhancd th cts adiation thapy (20) by ducing tumGSH lvls (10) . It was alsshown tvs paclitaxl-inducd nutopnia in mic (12) .

In on study in chonically stssd adults, thos whsupplmntd with ashwagandha had signiicantly gat ductions in cotisol, compad tth contol goup. Thos taking th highst dos had a 30% duction, on avag (3).

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ashwagandha scientific name withania somniferi is also known as indian ginseng, and by other names in sanskrit, hindi, and tamil, including asgand, amukkirag, sand asvagandha.