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For Anxiety and StressI’ve been taking 20mg of amitriptyline for 2 weeks and I have slept extremely well every night and I have so much more energy during the dayI sleep solid and right through the night which is unusual for me these days as my stressful job and back pain often leaves me anxious and tossing and turning every night and then I end up grumpyrun down and feeling sick as a resultSo far it has not helped with my anxiety or depression but getting a good night sleep helps me cope and gives me energy to attend yoga and exerciseI believe the dose may be too small to help the depressionI’m also taking this as it is the most studied antidepressant used during pregnancy and the SSRI’s give me insomniaI have almost no side effects so far

For PainI’ve been taking 10mg Endep for 2 weeks for bladder painI may have a mild case of interstitial cystitis but I haven’t been officially diagnosed yetI have found it has worked really well with the painI went from being in pain all the time to only a couple of times and it’s been manageableI have dry mouth and an increased appetite from Endep but the worst side effect is constant drowsiness and a general feeling of being drugged up

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