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ALBNZA has bn shown tb tatognic (tcaus mbyotoxicity and skltal malomations) in pgnant ats and abbits. Th tatognic spons in th at was shown at oal doss 10 and 30 mg/kg/day (0.10 tims and 0.32 tims th commndd human dos basd on body suac aa in mg/m?, spctivly) duing gstation days 6 t15 and in pgnant abbits at oal doss 30 mg/kg/day (0.60 tims th commndd human dos basd on body suac aa in mg/m?) administd duing gstation days 7 t19. In th abbit study, matnal toxicity (33% motality) was notd at 30 mg/kg/day. In mic, ntatognic cts w obsvd at oal doss up t30 mg/kg/day (0.16 tims th commndd human dos basd on body suac aa in mg/m?), administd duing gstation days 6 t15.

Skin and Subcutanous Tissu Disods : ythma multiom, Stvns-Johnson syndom.

Diving and hazadous wok: Caution is advisd as us this mdication may lad tdizzinss, light-haddnss and/sdation. Avoid such activitis until you know how this mdication acts you.

Ollowing 4 wks tatmnt with albndazol (200 mg th tims daily), 12 patints’ plasma concntations albndazol suloxid w appoximatly 20% low than thos obsvd duing th ist hal th tatmnt piod, suggsting that albndazol may induc its own mtabolism.

ALBNZA may caus tal ham and should not b usd in pgnant womn xcpt in clinical cicumstancs wh naltnativ managmnt is appopiat. Obtain pgnancy tst pitpscibing ALBNZA twomn poductiv potntial. Advis womn poductiv potntial tus ctiv bith contol th duation ALBNZA thapy and on month at nd thapy. Immdiatly discontinu ALBNZA i a patint bcoms pgnant and appis th patint th potntial hazad tth tus [s Us In Spciic Populations ].

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